No sun during a fire

Last Tuesday was surreal. It started off like any other morning, although it was a little hazier outside, and the smoke smell was really strong (even indoors with the windows and doors all closed up since the fires started).

About 12:30pm I went downstairs to get some lunch and noticed that it was remarkably darker outside than it should be. And it was very dark inside. Our house is south-facing and normally very bright. Then I saw the pink "shadow" on the floor.

That's the nearly full-on noon sunlight. All it could muster was a dull orangish-pink glow. It was surreal enough that I decided to grab the camera and take a pic. I wound up walking out the front door to see what the sun looked like first hand, and I had the camera as well.

This picture was taken right on my front walkway (you can see the outline of my roof's
tiles on the left), looking right into what was left of the sun. About an hour after that picture was taken, you couldn't even see where the sun was.

Anyway Wednesday was much better.

Comments for: No sun during a fire

Excellent pic, W. That's one of those things you'd love to see- but not in your own backyard, so to speak.

Hope they get things under control soon.

Posted by suz at October 30, 2003 9:55 PM

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